"Each role Mann plays is completely different, and he displays an astonishing level of versatility from one scene to the next." -Amanda Edwards, The Column (Dallas, TX)


Growing up in the south Haulston learned how to work hard towards a goal. He balances his work ethic with a light and playful heart. Another balancing act he manages is marrying his classical theatre background with his love for new and engaging works that explore what the theatre can become in the 21st century. These powerful combinations launched Haulston onto stages across the country and into film and television roles where his passion for bringing audiences into communion with one another shines through his craft. Haulston is a proud member of Actors' Equity and is represented by Tsu Tsu Unlimited 212-989-3424.



"Haulston Mann leaves his mark in a variety of roles...that showcase his range and strapping physique." -Peter Nason, Broadway World (St. Petersburg, FL)